Top 50 Agenda Setters has a list, led by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Linux Torvalds is at No. 5. Guess the Indian at No. 8. Hint:

His entrance straight in to the top 10 reflects the success of the whole Indian offshore IT services market in the past year. Globally, offshoring is forecast to grow 40 per cent this year alone, with three-quarters of businesses considering it – with most of the work tipped to go to the Indian sub-continent. India’s boom – largely engineered by [him] – means some analysts are predicting the country could face its own IT skills crisis over the next five years.

[his] role over the next few years will be crucial, with India facing stiff competition from South Africa, Eastern Europe and China as a base for low-cost, low-risk IT services, with the domestic political and union issues for those Western companies looking to move large numbers of jobs overseas also on the horizon.

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Rajesh Jain

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