eWeek reports on comments made by SAP executive Claus Heinrich, who “stressed the importance of innovation and embracing new technologies”:

“Innovation is one of the key differentiators for the success of companies,” Heinrich said, adding that successful firms differentiate themselves by how well and how fast they can adapt technology to suit their business processes.

But such innovation really isn’t an option, he stressed.

“It’s no longer a question of can I innovate in order to become best in class, now it’s a question of can I innovate in order to survive,” Heinrich said.

The executive spoke of the real-time nature of business today and how business events can be accounted for right away, not having to wait until a nightly batch process is complete.

“You don’t have to model real-world data anymore,” Heinrich said. “The real world and the IT world are increasingly becoming one and the same.”

“The velocity and complexity of information have increased dramatically,” said Heinrich. “It’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity…to better serve customers.”

In the real-time, event-driven world, the RSS ecosystem can play a very important role.

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Rajesh Jain

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