P2P Sales Model

Don Park has an idea which combines a bit of social networking and selling:

A sales person, no matter how carefully you choose them, will be cluess about most of the product he is assigned to sell. The first problem is that they lack the motivation to learn. The second problem is that they are not excited about the product. They are just clueless people who just wants to sell it and don’t care whether the buyer is making the right purchase or not.

The core idea is to let customers sell to each other in return for discount coupons.

The chance of me making a sales is arguably higher than a sales person because a) I am well informed about the products, b) I am highly enthusiastic about the products, and c) I am a peer.

This model is similar to the way BitTorrent works. While I am downloading something via BitTorrent, I am sharing what I downloaded so far with other downloaders in return for faster downloading speed. While I am making a purchase, I am sharing my knowledge and energy with other potential purchasers in return for discounts.

Something to ponder about in how we sell Pragatee…?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.