Death of a Whisteblower

[via Brij Singh and Atanu Dey] Here is the story of Satyendranath Dubey who was murdered because he dared blow the whistle on corruption in the mega highway project. He wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and requested anonymity. The PMO disregarded that and on Nov 27th, he was murdered. The conjecture is that the murder was a result of hi s whistleblowing.

Please sign the petition to bring the murderers of Satyendranath to justice. [Mine was the 7215th signature.]

As Brij wrote: “This country (especially the Hindi belt states) need more upright and honest engineers like Dubey to root out corruption from the public life. The importance of highway project and honesty in public life are critical part of the
India-2030 dream.”

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