Dave Winer writes:

The Open Directory Project is going to do something with RSS, not sure what, but it’s a good sign, if only just a start. Here’s what I would like them to do.

1. Associate a feed with a level of the hierarchy, so someone can subscribe to a category, and anything that appeared in that category would show up in the reader’s aggregator as new.
1a. Associate a feed with a level in the other direction, so that news can be routed to a category in the directory. So, to the left, you’d see the stuff that doesn’t change often, and in a box to the right is the new stuff.

2. Let an author maintain a whole level of the directory with RSS.

3. What about more than one level? We thought of that too, it’s called OPML.

4. After adopting RSS and OPML, implement inclusion, meaning you can point to an OPML file anywhere a node can appear and the content of that OPML is included in the directory as if it were part of the directory.

5. From there, the whole thing will be unbundled, let the search engines understand an OPML file and display the as Yahoo-like directories.

I had written about how some of these elements taken together could be used to construct the Memex.

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