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Over the past two years or so, I have written about my ideas on affordable computing in emerging markets and creating solutions for the next users (or as Clay Christensen puts it, the non-consumers). Over the past few months, what has become clear to me is that many of the ideas did not go far enough. To making computing a utility, we need to transform every aspect of the value chain. In short, we need to reinvent computing.

Here is my vision for Emergic, our computing solution:

Emergic proposes to bring comprehensive computing services to the next few hundred million users by making computing more affordable and relevant to their lives. The solution involves a centralised server-based computing platform–a gigantic computer of sorts–which hosts a wide range of software applications and content which can be accessed by users remotely over broadband connections using very simple low-cost access devices.

Emergic is built on and around the Internet, integrating computing and communications to make computing available as a utility. Not only does Emergic make computing easy to use (no upgrades, no downtime, no viruses/spyware), it also brings the cost of computing down to that of a cellphone – about Rs 5,000( $100) upfront and Rs 600-750 ($12-15) per month (hardware, software, content, connectivity, and support).

As I see it, to reinvent computing, we need to address six challenges, fulfill five goals and enable seven revolutions:

  • Six Challenges: Affordability, Desirability, Accessibility, Manageability, Security and Ubiquity in access to computing
  • Five Goals: Solve the Six Challenges simultaneously, Make CommPuting a Utility, Enable Human-centred Computing, Integrate with Cellphones, Construct the Memex
  • Seven Revolutions: Grid, Virtual Computers, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Loosely Coupled Software, Two-way Content, Humane Interface, Tech 7-11

    By taking a holistic view of the ecosystem and building a chain of integrated innovation, it will be finally possible to fulfill the dream of making computing accessible to every family, student and employee in every corner of the world. Only then will the true promise of the computer as a means to deliver solutions and services for the next users be realised. This is where the future of computing lies. This is why computing needs to be reinvented. This is where the next technology cycle will begin. This is a transformation that will take root first in the worlds emerging markets. This is the Emergic vision.

    The time has now come to accelerate the process of building on these ideas and taking them to the marketplace. Currently, in Netcore, we are 40 of us, most of whom are currently working on our messaging and security business. In parallel, we are building new teams to work on all of the areas mentioned above. For this, we are looking for fellow travellers those who are willing to navigate not with maps but with a compass, and can also lead others in this pioneering journey. We are looking for people at all levels and across areas technical development, systems architecture design, interface design and marketing.

    We are based in Central Mumbai (Lower Parel) and at present self-funded. If you are interested in joining Netcore and being part of the Emergic team, send me an email giving a brief background about yourself and your interest areas.

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    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.