Hiring Guidelines

Eric Sink offers guidelines for handling tough hiring decisions in a small ISV:

Here are ten questions to ask yourself when considering a candidate for a developer position:

1. Can this candidate bring something to the team that nobody else has?
2. Is this candidate constantly learning?
3. Is this candidate aware of his/her weaknesses and comfortable discussing them?
4. Is this candidate versatile and willing to do “whatever it takes” to help make the product successful?
5. Is this candidate one of those “10X coders”?
6. Does this candidate have a bachelor’s degree from a good computer science department?
7. If this candidate has a Ph.D., is there other evidence to suggest that s/he is one of those rare people who also has “Shrinkwrap Qualities”?
8. Does this candidate have experience on a team building shrinkwrap software?
9. Does this candidate write good code?
10. Does this candidate love programming so much that s/he writes code in their spare time?

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