Reversioning Solutions

Seth’s Blog writes that:

there are entire classes of products and services (from charities to political parties to cars) that are about to be completely reversioned. The accumulating weight of new technology, new networking abilities and ecological and economic demands means that incremental band aid improvements cease to pay off and instead, wholesale replacement occurs.

Think iPod. The iPod is not a better CD player. It’s part of a totally new system. China has the luxury of starting from scratch (though it appears, based on the sales of Maybachs and Land Rovers, they’re blowing it the same way others have), but either way, it’s going to happen to just about every industry.

Imagine the network effects that will occur when your industry gets networked and rebuilt and reinvented.

He gices an example of what could constitute a car sold in China. We need a similar reinvention of the computing industry for the emerging markets.

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Rajesh Jain

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