Cheaper PCs in India

Professor Sadagopan writes:

In the Mobility Event organized by CNBC & Intel in August 2004 at Mumbai, I had made an observation When Maruti 800 can be financed at Rs 2,500 per month why not a PC at Rs 250 per month? Since CNBC broadcast the program many times on TV some of my friends watched it. In fact Dr MM Pant from Delhi even informed me that HCL has an offer for Rs 799 per month PC buying option. Today I am pleasantly surprised that PCS is offering a student PC at Rs 499 per month. More interesting is the fact that Indian Bank is financing it. Of late Public Sector Banks have been keeping a long distance from doing any financing of IT products and services. This launch is particularly interesting, as it will get many students from the poorer sections of the society into PC reach. If only BSNL can offer Rs 99 per month wireless access for 3 hours per day it will be further push towards computer literacy for poor students.

From an earlier post:

Maruti 800 is the largest selling people car with an installed base of 2 Million. Recently Maruti announced a financing scheme Just Rs 2,499 per month. It brings Maruti 800 car to the reach of the common man. Maruti 800 price is around Rs 200,000. PC prices have plummeted to Rs 20,000 or less. Why not Banks or even hardware vendors (through their Finance companies) finance PC purchase by individuals at Rs 249 per month. Our PC sales just crossed 3 Million while China consumes 8 Million PCs per year. Such a scheme will bring computerization benefit to small businesses. Any one listening?

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