Perfect Search

John Battelle is writing the last chapter of his forthcoming book and is brainstorming some ideas:

Imagine the ability to ask any question and get not just an accurate answer, but your perfect answer an answer that suits the context and intent of your question, an answer that is informed by who you are and why you might be asking. The engine providing this answer is capable of incorporating all the worlds knowledge to the task at hand be it captured in text, video, or audio. Its capable of discerning between straightforward requests who was the third president of the United States? and more nuanced ones under what circumstances did the third president of the United States foreswear his views on slavery?

This perfect search also has perfect recall it knows what youve seen, and can discern between a journey of discovery where you want to find something new and recovery where you want to find something youve seen before.

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Rajesh Jain

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