Clay Christensen Interview

[via Dave Pollard] Gartner Fellows has an interview with Clay Christensen. Some excerpts:

A disruptive innovation brings to market a product not as good as the products in the current market, and so it cannot be sold to the mainstream customers. But it is simple and it is more affordable. It takes root in an undemanding portion of the market, then improves from that simple beginning to intercept with the needs of customers in the mainstream later.

I call that a disruptive innovation not because it’s a breakthrough from a technological sense, but instead of sustaining the trajectory of improvement that has been established in a market, it disrupts it and redefines it by bringing to the market something that is simpler.

we hire products to do jobs for us. We hire services to do jobs for us. If an innovating company focuses on the job, then when you go through that sequence, and you become aware you’ve got to get that job done, there’ll be a product sitting there designed to do that job. You don’t think in terms of demographics…If I, as an innovator, try to understand you as a consumer, this is a volatile, unpredictable target. But if I, instead, try to understand the jobs sitting out there which periodically might arise in your life, and then I communicate to you, a brand associated with the job, then geographically, as you wander aimlessly through life, if you find yourself needing to get the job done, then you just look down on the floor and say, “Oh, that’s who I should hire to do this job.” Bingo.

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