Leadership’s Lasting Lessons

Knowledge@Wharton writes about a new book – “Lasting Leadership: Lessons from the 25 Most Influential Business People of Our Times.”

Lasting Leadership also identifies eight attributes of leadership, each of which has its own chapter in the book, that are evident to varying degrees in these individuals.

1. They are able to build a strong corporate culture.
2. They are truth-tellers.
3. They are able to find and cater to under-served markets.
4. They can “see the invisible” – that is, spot potential winners or faint trends before their rivals or customers.
5. They are adept at using price to build competitive advantage.
6. They excel at managing and building their organization’s brand (which in some cases may be their own name).
7. They are fast learners.
8. They are skilled at managing risk.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.