Content Networks Deliver On-Demand Apps

InfoWorld writes about how Akamai and Speedera are “shifting focus to tackle the on-demand delivery of distributed applications”:

Akamai’s new Web applications, offered through its EdgeComputing service, address common computing-intensive services such as site search and processes including user prioritization and registration.

Through an existing partnership with IBM, Akamai runs WebSphere app servers on its distributed overlay network of servers. This enables the Akamai network to take on Java application processing, said Kieran Taylor, director of product management at Akamai.

Other offerings for on-demand computing address scalability and processing, Taylor said. Akamai’s ability to push application processing closer to end-users overcomes a key issue of performance, he said.

Speedera’s new FlexComputing service allows enterprises to deploy applications on its distributed network, tapping the benefits of capacity on demand, and increasing scalability and reliability. In addition, dynamic content can be created on application servers at Points of Presence on Speedera’s network. FlexComputing lets businesses plug into an application utility, which provides bandwidth, and storage on demand, with pricing based on usage.

What we are seeing is the emergence of the applications grid.

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