Red Hat CEO Interview

Exceprts from an InfoWorld interview with Michael Tiemann, who was in India recently:

IDGNS: Are you seeing a lot of participation in open source development by Indian developers ?

MT: There is no question that there are Indian developers participating in open source, and Red Hat certainly has a number of them. We are localizing Fedora (the free open-source operating system project) for six different Indian languages, and we are getting a lot of participation from the community on that. At the same time, I dont see as many people in leading positions in India wanting to be known as open source developers. Maybe it is a little bit like the way things were in the U.S. maybe 10 years ago. People work for companies, they feel loyal to the company, and what some people dont understand is that one can be loyal to the company, and at the same time develop open source.

IDGNS: What is the biggest challenge for the open source community ?

MT: The biggest challenge right now is that there are not nearly as many open source developers as there could be. The biggest challenge right now is getting more people excited (about open source development). The open source community is a challenging environment to work in. Opinions are very strongly held, and it is not really who you are, but what you can do (that counts). Some developers respond positively to the meritocracy of open source, and some do not at all.

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