Hiring 101

Adam Rifkin aggregates advice:

– The most important rule about interviewing: Make A Decision.
– The initial few moments of an interview are the most crucial.
– Interviewing is about creating a dialog with the candidate.
– Interviews are about the past.
– Always check references; whether a reference is forthcoming or reserved, you should pay attention to what’s not being said.
– It is more important than ever to develop people into high performers.
– Too often hiring managers focus on a candidate’s skills and qualifications rather than on who s/he is or her/his personality.
– Never hire anyone who doesn’t wear a watch. [This I don’t agree with — I am one of those who doesn’t wear a watch!]
– Don’t ever, ever hire somebody just like yourself.
– Hire the very best, act as if your life depended on every person you bring on your team, and put a ton of cycles into finding, referencing, recruiting, and retaining those people.

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Rajesh Jain

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