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Always-On has some forward-looking statements:

Gerry Purdy: (Dr. Purdy is a principal analyst for MobileTrax and a venture consultant with Diamondhead Ventures.) Let’s talk about the dynamics of the content market and how they’re going to change over the next few years. A few years out, fall of 2007: If you were using a mobile device, what would we be talking about that would be substantially different from today? In the dynamics or the content or the way things work, popularity.

Fabrice Grinda: (Mr. Grinda is CEO of Zingy.) Just in these four categories my ringtone would be a video club, whatever you see on MTV. My wallpaper rings would probably be one category. On the messaging side I would be sending video mails to my girlfriend instead of sending her a text SMS. I would have geolocalized information. And we’d have broadband access on our devices. So we’d be a big mobile Amazon of mobile media selling all these different product categories. It would be a lot more sophisticated. What will happen is by then independent brands, be it ourselves, Walt Disney, or other large brands would probably control a larger portion of this than they do today where the carrier execs are controlling most of the distribution.

Larry Shapiro: (Mr. Shapiro is executive vice president for North American mobile, Walt Disney Internet Group.) As you look toward the new handsets, new screens, different chip sets, the next generation of games is Game Boy Advance quality. We’re right around the corner from Game Boy Advance quality. One of the interesting things that comes about is you don’t know who is going to win, but it is a battle of the Titans, if you will, because you will have Sony and Nintendo with their handheld devices and in that whole games universe, and you’ll have all these carriers and device manufacturersthe Samsungs and Nokias of the world. And in the handheld gaming area the potential for an all-out brutal world. It will be interesting. I have no idea what is going to happen in terms of because you are already holding a phone and it’s at a great price, and you can upgrade it every year, and all that kind of stuff, whether your phone makes the notion of having a handheld game device as important to youbecause the quality on your phone is going to be at that level by next Christmas.

Michel Wendell: (Mr. Wendell is a general partner with Nexit Ventures.) I think three to five years from now still the entertainment and self-expression and so forth will probably be the biggest market. One of the markets that will have grown to be clearly noticeable at that point is a more utilitarian use of the phone. Pay for your metro ticket; order your fast food meal; do a bunch of stuff that we are starting to use the internet for. We’re using the internet or our PCs for it today because that’s the only way it works, but it’s not like that is our choice. Usually those kinds of things you need to do specifically at a certain point in a certain place.

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