Beyond Client/Server

Always-On Network quotes Network World president and editorial director John Gallant:

I think that opportunities around the new data center will be the most intriguing and lucrative for the coming years. By new data center, I mean the evolving infrastructure that will help companies reduce complexity and provide better support for new services-oriented applications. For three specific examples, I would focus on new models of computing that provide for greater virtualization of the compute resourceeither new hardware models like that of Azul Systems [which envisions using Java-based application servers to tap into a pool of on-demand compute power] or new software that provides a layer of virtualization, such as the model being proposed by Cassatt Corp. [which aims to help companies make better use of their existing Windows/Linux computing and storage infrastructure by providing a layer of softwarecalled Collagethat knits everything together into an on-demand environment, with no retrofitting required for existing systems]. Second, I would focus on more intelligent networking gear that provides a great level of inherent security and better support for distributed applications. Third, I would focus on management tools that provide a more holistic view of this new computing environment.

‘Prepare for the most significant change in our industry since the beginning of the Internet boom.’ We’re moving beyond client-server into a new computing future that is not entirely clear. We’re trying to virtualize the infrastructure and streamline it, and we’re building a new generation of apps that strain the client-server model. Vendors have various names for this new computing environmentdynamic, adaptive, on-demandand you’ll have to understand how your strategic partners will (and won’t ) take you into this new environment and how new, innovative companies can help. Be prepared for major changes in the vendor landscape as a result. These changes offer opportunityas long as you don’t get locked into a limited vision of the future.

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