Always On World Components

Dana Blankenhorn writes:

There are two types of chips key to the Always On world. These are sensor chips and RFID chips. Both contain tiny radios. The two can also be combined.

Always On applications will use all these types of chips as clients on WiFi or cellular networks, with applications located on gateways that run at low power, with battery back-up, and have constant connections to the Internet.

So here are the parts of an Always-On solution:

* Sensor or RFID chips as clients pumping data.
* WiFi or cellular networks that transfer data.
* A robust, scalable low power server that can run applications for thae wireless network, using data from sensor or RFID chips.
* Software to provide the service and user interface.

Transforming this from an industrial into a personal mass market is the task of the Always On industry.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.