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The Pondering Primate has a wake-up call for search engines:

Think of just a simple SMS alert from People magazine that I get. I opted in to receive breaking news on celebrity gossip (yeah I read InTouch magazine too but only for the pictures).
People magazine with a two inch square got my attention and will provide me with something of use, and in return they send me relevant texts.

Heres what I see happening. Let’s say Procter Gamble decides to offer a breaking news service, or they do a joint marketing deal with FOX News. Send an SMS to XXXX and put in the subject “financial news alerts”. Now Procter Gamble is sponsoring an SMS alert to your phone. They can include an advertisement to shampoo along the side.

Everybody wins. I get relevant news alerts, PG gets to advertise their product and FOX News because your news service of choice.

My point with all of this. Once the Procter Gambles, FOX News realize if they create a great mobile campaign, they won’t need to be spending money on keywords thru a search engine. Procter Gamble and FOX News already has access to me.

So I say WAKEUP search engines, once mobile marketing companies start introducing some great campaigns (i’ve got some great ideas), the link between consumer and brand is created.

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Rajesh Jain

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