Idea Push Economy

Mark Pincus writes:

it’s becoming apparent that we are entering a new era in information consumption. we have gone from extreme pull with huge friction both in money and hassle around info consumption (remember nexis lexis and sweet talking the company librarian?); to the huge open pipe, where useful information was a needle in a haystack of noise; to the emerging market today of idea push, where white collar professionals (mostly smart vc’s at this point) see networking benefit in pushing out their best ideas to bring in even more good stuff back in the form of deal flow and props for ‘getting it’.

seems like we’ve moved from open source software to open source ideas and i think it’s awesome. sure the cost is that we all start to feel like people can scarf up our best ideas before we can even completely get them straight but we can also iterate together way faster.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.