On-Demand Services

Dan Farber writes:

Is hype endangering the health of on-demand computing? Patrick Grady of on-demand services provider Rearden Commerce (which I wrote about here) believes so, and lays much of the blame at the feet of salesforce.coms Marc Benioff. Grady acknowledges that salesforce.com has done a great job of evangelizing on-demand computing, and has delivered what he called a “wonderful application to the world of CRM,” of which Rearden is a “very happy and avid salesforce.com customer.” But Grady criticizes salesforce.com for getting “ahead of their skis” in an effort to expand the companys footprint and support its market capitalization. “I can tell you that no one will benefit from another set of missed expectations with enterprises. As an industry, we finally have the environment to deliver on our promises,” Grady said. At the same time, Grady is touting his company as a leader in the transition to on-demand, service-oriented platforms over the next five to ten years.

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