Andy Grove and US Healthcare

The New York Times writes about Andy Grove’s efforts to fix what he sees as wrong in the US healthcare business:

The [JAMA] article, “Efficiency in the Health Care Industries,” was labeled commentary, but it was more akin to a jeremiad. Mr. Grove took dead aim at the lack of efficiency in health care – the amount of time it takes a research lab to turn an idea into a working drug, for instance; and the extent to which medicine lags behind other industries in using technology to store and retrieve data, to the detriment of doctors and patients. He compared it unfavorably to an industry he knows rather intimately, microchips, which has turned efficiency into an art, thanks in no small part to Mr. Grove.

He talked about his quest to find what he called “the Rosetta code” for the health care industry. By that he means the development of software “that takes incompatible systems and translates them into each other, so that one system can automatically read the other.” He thinks there are few things more important for patients than to have any doctor, anywhere, be able to access their medical records, but because the industry is so fragmented, with so many records still in paper form, that is currently impossible.

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