Web 2.0 Company Building

Charlie O’Donnell lists out 10 steps to building a Web 2.0 company. Among them:

1. Solve the smallest possible problem (that is still big enough to matter) for the user and know exactly what problem you’re trying to solve. Google’s first and primary job was very simple: Help people find stuff. They didn’t start layering on everything else until much later. Brad calls this the “narrow point of the wedge.” Its the easiest, simplest version of what you’re trying to do… the smallest bite your users will ever have to chew–small enough to get hooked on very easily.

3. Launch. Now. Tomorrow. Every day. Don’t wait until its perfect to put it out in the open. No more closed invite-only betas. Your idea of perfect may not jive with your users’ ideas of perfect. Put whatever you can out there and get people using it as soon as possible. Feed them daily with new features to keep them interested and coming back. No one likes waiting six years for new releases.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.