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Charlene Li writes:

What are the implications? First, it will be a while before Google Base becomes a category killer, but it will exert pressure in much the same way that online job boards like have been squeezing print recruitment classifieds for the past 11 years. The likes of Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs didnt have to worry much about start-ups like and SimplyHired, but when Google comes along and integrates database listings into general search results, then job boards should start worrying. This is because job-related search terms are a growing part of search revenues, with savvy company recruiters already advertising on those keywords (do a search on technology jobs and see whos advertising).

Second, I would expect at some point for Google to tie self-publishing (e.g. Blogger), Google Groups, and Google Base together. For example, I could publish to my blog in a structured format (yes, this is akin to structured blogging), add some tags and have it appear on both my blog and also in Google Base where it can be populated throughout Google. So if Im selling my car, I can choose a Google Base template and voila, Im published throughout the Google Network.

Michael Parekh adds:

One can scarcely contemplate a world where all the major portals may participate in a Worldwide Crawl War (WCW) where each blocks the other’s right to crawl any or all parts of its sites. Perhaps a Google vs. eBay/Amazon/Yahoo!/Microsoft/AOL coalition re-alignment may be in our future.

The worldwide web could go dark for users if that were to happen. No longer would we be conveniently able to put a query in a little search box and find our heart and mind’s desires at the flick of the “enter” key.

Instead, we’d have to search a bunch of different sites separately.

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