The Need for Education

Atanu Dey visited the Mercedes Benz International School in Pune: “[It is the] Rolls-Royce of schools in India. They follow the International Baccalaureate Organizations curricula. About half their students are Indians and the others are the children of expatriates working in multinational firms in Pune…It is the kind of school that if you have to ask what the tuition fees are, you probably cannot afford it. With only 167 students, it is as exclusive as it is expensive. The annual fee is mind-bogglingto me at leastover half a million rupees a year. The top fees is Rs 5.7 lakhs ( approximately, US$ 13,000) and the one-time fixed cost is Rs 3 lakhs.”

He concludes his trip report with the following observation: “When I look at the vicious cycle of poverty that the majority of Indias children are caught in, I have only one hope and that is education. If we can educate just one generation fully, we have some hope of solving Indias problems. That is the challenge but given the uneducated leadership, I am afraid that it may not come to pass.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.