The Education of Andy Grove

[via Shrikant] Fortune writes:

Grove and Intel are now embedded so deeply Inside our minds, our computers, and our culturethe man has been on 77 magazine covers, by one countthat with hindsight, their success seems foreordained. But the opposite is the case: By all odds, Intel should have failed. It should have been destroyed by the same brutal international competition that has killed apparel companies, tire companies, and television companies, or fallen into obscurity like Zilog and other successful chipmakers. Intel, too, should have stumbled on the terrifying treadmill of Moore’s Law, which requires betting billions upon billions of dollars on ever more costly factories to make chips you’re still developing for customers who’ve yet to demand them. It should have been eclipsed by an upstart competitor with a better mousetrap. Intel’s success should never have happenedit was an anomaly, an outlier, a freak.

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