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Ramesh Jain writes:

When the amount of information started growing exponentially on the WWW, many people felt the need of tools and environments that will help people find information on the Web. This resulted in attention to organizing all the information on the Web to make it easily available to users. Yahoo, Altavista, Infoseek, Lycos and others started with this goal. There was a period when many companies struggled with the decision whether they wanted to be a search engine or a portal. Since during the twentieth century boom of Internet, the focus was on eyeballs, it appeared that the concept of portals was winning the battle. That continued. Yahoo started considering itself a media company it is not clear even today whether in their deep heart they feel as a technology company or a media company.

Most evolving models in Search and related space on Internet are going towards primarily advertisement revenues. What that means is that all these products/services are going to become media companies like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, All these services will be for serving advertisers not the users of products and services.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.