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iMedia Connection writes:

When it comes to mobile RSS, the advantage to marketers is the fact that mobile Internet users tend to be a captive audience. Users typically view content during their “downtime” — while waiting in a doctor’s office, on a subway or even during a break at work. The lack of competing distractions in these scenarios means this captive, yet active, audience usually interacts with their chosen content at a much higher rate than comparable media formats. n this open, relaxed frame of mind, customers are more receptive to the messages being communicated. Smart marketers know that by contacting prospects when and where they are most open to receiving marketing information, companies can realize unprecedented marketing and sell-through success.

As more mobile users turn to RSS to obtain information on the go, advertising within the feeds will be vital to the success of this new content model and will be a lucrative way to capture this growing, trendsetting audience. Also, publishers should keep in mind that by placing relevant advertisements in their mobile RSS feeds, similar to the content they would find on their website, users are more likely to be interested, and, in turn, more likely to clickthrough — ultimately driving more traffic to the website directly.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.