Cisco and True Convergence

Sramana Mitra has a post following the acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta by Cisco:

Only two companies had a complete lock over the channel serving the STB market: Motorola and Scientific Atlanta. With todays acquisition, Cisco cuts through the barrier to enter the STB market, and with it, acquires a massive opportunity to lead the innovation in home networking. Neither Motorola, nor SA had enough of the other pieces. Cisco does.

Imagine the future of the Home Network …

One, just One box from Cisco sits as a Gateway Server for ALL the home networks, with a fat pipe coming into it. Services can be turned on and off remotely, as the consumer pays. Various Clients – all Wireless, of course – plays off this Server: The VOIP/VideoOIP phone handset / headset / Camera, the TV, the PC, the Laptop, …

This server is both a smart Set-Top-Box and a big storage device with PVR, DVD, DVR, Digital Music Console, Wireless Router.

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Rajesh Jain

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