TECH TALK: 2006 Tech Trends: Multimedia

8. Multimedia on the Web is coming into its own.

For a long time, the web was mostly text and images. Now, as the devices and tools to create, distribute and consume multimedia are spreading, the Multimedia Web is coming alive. Whether it is podcasts, music, videos or movies, the Internet infrastructure is now there to ensure distribution. This is the world of on-demand. All those investments in fibre many years ago are now paying off. In this world, people will consume the media of their choice at the time and place of their choosing.

Mercury News: From the big screen in your living room to the grab-your-bifocals-small screen on your cell phone, you’ll be awash in video that you can watch, whenever you want itA growing number of more popular and classic television shows are available for Internet download through Apple’s online iTunes store for the video iPod. And more Internet video services are in the works to bring movies to a growing array of portable video players, including Sony’s PlayStation Portable.

John Battelle: Someone, and I do not know who, will make a big pile of Big Media video assets freely available on the web – and not via Google Video. This will be a major studio, or television company, which will realize that once you free content, content will come back to you in mashed up and remixed glory that has – holy smokes! – real business models like advertising and retail attached. The deal will be simple: anyone can download, rip, and mix this video, but if you plan to make money from it – even selling ads next to it – you have to cut a deal with the mother ship. The company that does this will be heralded as either visionary, lunatic, or both.

David Kirkpatrick in Fortune: Every single trend that matters involves more bits flowing through more Internet-protocol pipes. As video onlinethe most data-intensive web application of allbecomes more pervasive, bit traffic will grow. Cisco remains so dominant in the business of building Internet-protocol infrastructure that its earnings growth could wow investors in 2006.

Corante: Video on the web will finally be realized. Powered by the continued penetration of broadband (wired and wireless alike), video on the web will become very popular, according to Robin Good. He notes, 2006 should see the launch of Brightcove and of some other major new brands in this space. Mark Hamilton also observes that we’ve seen [v]ideo everywhere. We’ve seen it on iPods, on web sites, on newspaper web sites, on blogs, delivered by RSSThe big networks are on board.

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