Taking RSS Beyond Headlines

Rich Ziade offers some ideas:

# Track Specific News Headlines. You can keep track of news on particular topics by subscribing to specific news search results. Heres a constantly updated news search on the Seattle Seahawks via Google. Heres another by Yahoo! that tracks the headlines coming in on the U.S. Supreme Court. To subscribe, just do your search and find the RSS feed link.

# Find Shopping Deals. Another cool use of RSS is the ability to get entries when a shopping deal or coupon comes along. Slickdeals (feed), Bens Bargains (feed) and MoreStuff4Less (feed) are just a few of the feeds out there.

# Track Packages. Nobody enjoys visiting a site and punching in a tracking number just to get shipment status on a package. Simpletracking.com allows you to create a custom feed that gets updated as your package moves along its route. UPS, Fedex, USPS & DHL are supported.

# Create a Calendar Feed. This is a cool way to share events with others. RSSCalendar.com allows you to create an account, add events and meetngs, and then share a feed for others to consume. They can use a standard feed reader or the RSSCalendar.com site to keep track.

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