Indian Cricket’s Big Deal

ContentSutra writes about Nimbus which bagged the four-year rights to cricket played in India for an amazing sum of $612 million.

Even if you consider a moderate margin that Nimbus would like to make on an investment of $612 million, the break-even for it will come close to $800 million (around Rs 3,500 crore), which translates into $200 million per year. The $200 million is almost a sixth of the entire Rs 5,500-crore ($1.25 billion) revenue for all television advertising, and includes even distribution revenues.

How will the returns come: For four years of 165 days of cricket (55 ODIs and 22 Tests), it works out to $4.84 million per day.

Mobile and broadband rights have not been given out.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.