TECH TALK: DEMO 2006: The Event

There were two conferences that took place recently I would have liked to attend DEMO 2006 in early Feb and 3GSM World Congress in mid-Feb. Since I couldnt go to either of them, I thought Id do the next best thing use the Web to aggregate reports by people who were there to get an essence of what went on. Well start with Demo 2006.

DEMO is positioned as the premier launch pad for emerging technologies. Torsten Jacobi outlined the essence of the Demo conferences:

DEMO is a twice yearly held event. DEMO describes itself as the premier launch pad for emerging companies. DEMO stands out because each company goes through a rather though selection committee and must prove it has something new and interesting to launch. In addition to the booth each company maintains, the company has 3-6 minutes to present the innovative product/ solution on stage. Important no Power Point is allowed – it must be a real demo. This way DEMO stands out from the crowd of emerging technologies conferences.

DEMO is such a value to entrepreneurs presenting because of the media attention and number of potential investors in the auditorium. As Jeff Nolan noted a good share of the Silicon Valley VC industry could charter a plane to get to Phoenix. The event surely helps investors to find new trends and identify new potential investments. While DEMO is no investment pitch it has a great track record to get presenters financed.

DEMOs own site outlines its attractiveness:

70 new technologies. 2 days. 1 place.
Rigorously screened from hundreds of technologies from around the world, you’ll see only the most significant, relevant and viable. The ones that exemplify and lead emerging trends. We do all the vetting so you can do a lot of business in a very efficient two days.

At DEMO, it’s all about technology.
This is a show like no other. Each company who launches here, regardless of size, faces the same screening process. Marketing budgets must be checked at the door. It’s technology vs. technology on a level field.

Hold what the future holds – literally.
Do you like to try a technology before you invest or purchase for your enterprise? DEMO puts the proof in your hands. You’ll have ample opportunity to personally take an innovation through its paces. To speak directly with its creators. To know what you’re holding is real.

The industry trusts Chris Shipley, so you can too.
As the executive producer of DEMO, Chris Shipley heads-up product selection. She is widely regarded one of the top analysts covering technology today. Her judgment is considered a litmus test for new technologies by investors and innovators alike.

Here is a list of all the companies that presented at DEMO 2006. The videos of all the presentations are also available at the DEMO 2006 site. Companies pay $15,000 to present for 5 minutes to about 700 people.

Tomorrow: Chris Shipley Talks

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