Making Microformats Matter

Alex Bosworth writes:

The idea of Microformats is a cool concept for the web, involving adding simple markup to html to highlight metadata about the displayed content. But like any standard, without a killer application microformats are under-utilized. The problem is a classic bootstrapping dilemma. Why should I add markup if there is no application that uses the markup? Why should I code an application that parses markup if there is no content that includes it? The solution lies on small leaps of faith by both sides.

Fortunately, Microformats make marking up data really easy, so making a committment to Microformats on the content side is as simple as appending a string. And parsing Microformats isn’t harder than parsing anything else in XML/HTML (or RSS). The key is just small easy steps to make these formats matter.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.