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Ross Mayfield blogs a keynote by Mitch Kapor (at OSBC):

It can’t possibly work. When I describe it to people as an online encyclopedia is that free and open and written by volunteers, people don’t believe it. But it does. One of the top 20 websites in the world. Everyone in the room knows it, visits it, maybe 10% of the audience raises their hand to say they have written in it. The English version is bigger than the Brittanica. Random person off the street will say something, vaugely, about the Seigenthaler affair when asked about Wikipedia. If you use it, you must find it useful. Most people find it more useful than conventional reference sources. Becoming a reference source of choice.

Leadership. The leader has to serve the community. They are volunteers, a different paradigm, not a business paradigm where somewhere under the surface there is a heirarchy. Leadership in a voluntary inspiration, moral leadership, empowering and recognizing people. Jimmy calls himself a Libertarian, which makes sense in some context, but there is something about empowering a community that can be an unruly bunch that can be difficult.

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