Web 2.0 Discussion

Embracing the Monkeys transcribes the discussion on Web 2.0 and Social Computing as part of the MITX CEO Roundtable Series.

As with other industries, Web 2.0 will have (is having) significant impact on the services industry. One foreseeable impact will be the sharing of information related to customer experiences think eBays reputation management or Amazons user reviews related to the insurance, legal services and/or other services industries.

One of example where this is already beginning is the MechanXFiles on NPRs Car Talk web site. On this site, users can submit or review comments for mechanics in their local area. This site and these recommendations provide useful information that can drive (no pun intended) consumer choice. To take it to another step, think of this type of customer feedback then mashed-up with Google Maps providing instant location of highly rated mechanics.

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Rajesh Jain

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