Edge Aggregators

Pete Cashmore writes about Edgeio, iNods, Kritx, Reevoo and Toshiba.

it isnt going to be plain sailing for the edge aggregators. The low barrier to entry means that all these services will face defensibility issues – whats to stop a barrage of newcomers aggregating exactly the same content? Being early in the game may lead to beneficial network effects, but maintaining this advantage is always a challenge. Whats more, services like Edgeio plan to transfer content both in and out of the system – it seems plausible that others could take advantage of the resulting output, with or without Edgeios explicit permission. Yet more critics wonder whether the need to have a blog may limit the potential of such aggregators. Personally, I dont see this as a critical issue: edge feeders allow you to create syndicated content without owning a blog, and even centralized sites may see the benefit in becoming edge feeders and/or aggregators.

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Rajesh Jain

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