Online Stores Adopt Click-to-Call

WSJ writes:

So far, click-to-call customer service has yet to gain much traction, in part because consumers think it would be easier to pick up and dial a toll-free number. But those offering click-to-call say that using the feature often means customers are less likely to be bounced from agent to agent. While customers using a click-to-call feature are often connected to the same call center as those who dial the company’s toll-free number, the online retailer can typically tell what section of their site a customer is calling from, either through information from the third-party provider or because they only offer the service on limited portions of their site. Toll-free numbers can also be hard to find. Amazon’s 800 number isn’t publicized on the site.

Retailers hope the new option boosts customer satisfaction. With customer retention increasingly important to the maturing industry, companies have been improving old customer-service models that forced customers to poke through “frequently asked questions” sections online. Newer options include allowing shoppers to send customer-service inquiries via email or offering instant-messaging features that enable agents to answer customers’ queries in real time.

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Rajesh Jain

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