Hagel on Intention and Attention Economy

John Hagel writes:

The Intention Economy is still much too narrow a view of the opportunity. By focusing on intention to buy, we ignore the whole question of how intentions emerge in the first place. In a world of exploding options and scarce attention, how do we find resources (products, ideas, people, etc.) we werent even looking for? One option is that we wait for vendors to find us and capture us. The other option is to rely on friends or agents who know us and can be trusted to be helpful in introducing us to new resources we werent even aware of.

Given this, The Attention Economy is a richer way of describing both the challenges and the opportunities from a customers perspective. Yes, it is true, many vendors and start-ups have grabbed on to The Attention Economy to figure out clever ways to find those increasingly elusive eyeballs.

Intention is where the near-term money comes from. But Attention is where the long-term value to the customer resides.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.