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I particularly liked the horizontal and vertical partitions that are made available in the system Months back, I have seen this system for sometime backtracking from my visitor log did not then know that it is product under beta(it looked good even then) and more than that did not know it is a Netcore product. Rajesh over time you may consider to publish some analytical information about the frequency of blog updates as they get published also the number of blogs that on average user subscribe to and read. Perhaps a view of common subscribers/taggers (like shown by bloglines/ and details like top50 subscribed feeds would make usage more attractive. I have also pointed out in the past about the near total domination by the US based enterprises on web 2.0 applications(I have no complaints about that – The US is the epicenter of the IT World). New Web2.0 applications like MyToday, R.L.Narain’s TracBac,a visual project handling, digital white board, version tracking tool for the designers worldwide and others coming out of India make it interesting that much more interesting to watch.I am sure that in the near many more such applications would folow – looking forward to the day when the next, or the next writely comimg out of india based enterprises. Congrats folks – you are setting an example to the several hundred thousand IT wannabe entrepreneurs out in India to take the plunge.

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