Why Business Needs More Geeks

[via Atanu and Anish] Businesspundit writes:

2. Geeks like to experiment. I have sat in countless business meetings that were all talk. Rather than trying things to see what worked, we talked in circles for weeks only to end up doing nothing. It is quite different from my days as a digital circuit designer.

When I wrote VHDL for FPGAs, you could experiment. If we didn’t know the best way to do something, we could try two different implementations. There was no shame in failure or missing the mark because we were always learning and iterating. No one ever nailed a design in one try.

In business though, there are too many people afraid to move forward. Failure can be a career killer, and the inertia factor makes it easier just to keep moving along the way you already are. An entrepreneur friend of mine doesn’t consider it a failure when he gets out of a business, because as he says “I try businesses on like most people date. I’m trying to figure out what I like and what I’m best at.” If business had more geeks, there would be a more experimental culture in business that would help make everything better by focusing on what works and encouraging small scale tests.

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