Mobile Search

WSJ writes:

Advertising on cellphones is still in its infancy, generating just about $100 million last year, analysts say. And, mobile searching generates little if any revenue.

Mobile searches also provide Internet search firms with a tantalizing opportunity to increase the consumer reach of their services and advertising. Success on cellphones could potentially translate into increased market share for Internet services accessed from PCs.

Search companies still are trying to figure out the business model for mobile searches. Traditionally, Internet search engines have made money by selling ads linked to specific keyword queries; advertisers pay to have their ads, typically a few lines of text, displayed alongside search results. But, whether advertising on one inch-by-one inch screens will appeal to advertisers — and consumers — remains to be seen. Some Internet companies believe click-to-call ads, which use the consumer’s cellphone to directly dial the advertiser when clicked on, will become a primary model for advertising on phones.

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