Mobile Internet

Carlo Longino writes:

What many operators offer their customers very much isnt the Internet. Its not open, its not a place where the content one can access is limited by so many factors, or one where the network owner plays such a role in determining just what users can and cant do. But mostly, its not a place where users can easily find content theyre interested in.

There are two important takeaways here. First, users should be empowered to access whatever they want. This means no walled gardens, and powerful browsers that can access full HTML sites. Second, operators should focus on adding value to users internet experiences by recognizing that mobile browsing is different than browsing from a computer and add to (not replace) the open access with more customized services and sites for users that want them. It should be an additive strategy that takes full browsing capability as a starting point, then builds on top of it, not a plan that throws the Internet that people know and love out the window, then opens up tiny holes to let only particular content through.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.