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One of the things which has changed over the past few months is my use of the RSS aggregator. For a long time, I exclusively used Bloglines and my account there has accumulated nearly 400 feeds. When I had a lot more time, I could actually go through a lot of the feeds. But now, with time at a premium, I use Bloglines sparingly. Instead, I use a service we have created, MyToday, for much of my reading both on the web, and on the mobile.

We created MyToday as a public aggregator feeds on a few specific topics. The interface is meant for daily reading, and scanning large chunks of information rapidly. The current selection of topics (what we call dailies) in MyToday tech, venture capital, mobility partly represents my technology bias. I also created a smaller subset of about fifty feeds for myself (as a reading list) which I check every morning.

As I scan the post titles and excerpts on the PC, I open the ones I find interesting either in a separate window (by clicking on the small window icon next to the title) or just do a click on the title to get a pop-up window to read more and then decide whether to open it in a separate window. I also rely on meme aggregators like Tech.Meme to get a glimpse into what the blogosphere is talking about.

This smaller selection has narrowed the topics I tend to post on. But it has meant much more efficient use of time. In general, if there is something interesting that Ive missed, readers often email it to me. So, where I had once feared that Id end up probably with a thousand feeds in my aggregator, it has been just the opposite. My own reading list has shrunk and I rely on topic-based aggregators to get a sense of the news and views flow.

This has also meant a greater reliance on other bloggers. I have a good idea of experts in different areas, and I find myself reading and blogging about what they have to say more. This is Web 2.0 for me encouraging a two-way flow of ideas and thought, via the Web.

I also use MyTodays mobile version a lot through my Hutch GPRS connection. Whenever I have free time or when I am travelling and dont have access to my computer, I do check the stories on the mobile. I have become more and more comfortable with reading large chunks of text on the mobile. In fact, I find my focus greater when reading on the mobile because I am less distracted my other things.

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