Microsoft’s Search Assets

Information Week writes how it intends to tackle Google:

Microsoft has two assets they don’t: its Windows monopoly and the huge number of programmers who write software based on its technology. “This is Microsoft’s play against Google–the 2 million Visual Studio users,” says Rick Sherlund, a managing director at Goldman Sachs. Microsoft is building into the next version of Visual Studio a tool code-named Atlas for creating Ajax-powered Web sites; Atlas apps will be able to tap into Microsoft’s new adCenter auction system for Internet advertising. Google also is trying to build an Internet-based portfolio of software that developers can tap into; it will include the ability to store files and search them over the Web. “That’s the endgame,” Sherlund says.

Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, due in January, will be able to search a PC’s hard disk, the Web, and company intranets through a search bar and “search-oriented folders” that let users create custom views, says Microsoft VP Kurt DelBene. One target of searches will be sites hosted on SharePoint servers, technology DelBene says Google hasn’t sufficiently accounted for in its algorithm. “SharePoint is exploding within our customer base, and Google hasn’t paid a lot of attention to promoting SharePoint sites as first-class search results,” he says.

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