Google’s Desktop Offensive

Business Week writes:

Desktop and the other tools fit with Google’s dual strategies of getting its brand in front of computer users in as many ways as possible, and at the same time creating ways for advertisers to get their message to specific audiences. “The key for them is to continue to leverage search, and then use their position there to garner success in other areas,” says Scott Kessler, an analyst with Standard & Poor’s.

By developing new ways to get Google in front of Web surfers, the company scores a better chance of directing people to its own search engine. Though developers will be able to develop their own Gadgets for the service, several of the new gadget features will be shortcuts to other Google products. The Google Desktop program will also still put the standard Google search bar on the desktop as well. The Notebook program will let users save links, images, and Web sites of interest, and act as a companion to users wherever they surf.

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Rajesh Jain

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