Web-based Powerpoint Alternatives

Jon Udell writes:

discovered HTML Slidy, the latest initiative by the prolific Dave Raggett, a W3C Fellow whose other notable contributions include the essential HTML Tidy.

Given my skills and inclinations, its no surprise that Im an instant convert. To use it, you create a single XHTML file that pulls in CSS stylesheets and JavaScript code. Each slides content is wrapped in a DIV tag decorated with a class attribute of slide. Folks like me, who compose directly and easily in HTML, will love it.

Along with OperaShow, Dave Raggett acknowledges the influence of Eric Meyers S5. Using Web technology for presentations is hardly a novel idea. But now that the AJAX juggernaut is rolling, old projects are sparking new interest and spawning new offspring. According to Raggett, future plans for Slidy include a mechanism for remotely controlling distributed instances of a slideshow, using the browsers XMLHttpRequest object to listen for navigation commands.

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