Will Wright and Spore

WSJ profiles the creator of SimCity and writes about his new game:

One of “Spore’s” features allows individual players to populate the game with content they — and not professional game designers — have created. The most interesting creatures, planets and civilizations built by users with “Spore’s” design tools will automatically show up, through the Internet, inside other players’ games.

In the Spore offices, located in an industrial neighborhood across the bay from San Francisco, there’s a wall featuring huge posters of the anatomical units — toes, legs, fins, eyes, noses — that “Spore” players will be able to customize to compose their creatures. Players will also be able to “terraform” their planets, setting up volcanoes, for example, to cultivate atmospheres. A team of 72 people is working feverishly to finish the game by next year.

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