Motorola’s Q

Paul Golding writes:

It is, like the RAZR, a very slim device. It is nice to hold and looks like something you want to own and touch – and I mean touch, or carry, as opposed to many PDAs that you really want to bury away in some carry bag or leather pouch.

I have long argued that bigger-display devices with keyboards are the future, for two reasons. One is that it’s simply just too damn difficult to engage with useful mobile services on a tiny device. The second reason is that the upcoming generation of portable games players are used to Nintendo DS, Sony PSP devices and iPods. What’s been missing is iconic design. Perhaps the Q is going to be tipping point for mass uptake of smart devices, which could lead to greater demand for mobile services once users get a taste for what’s possible on a smart device versus a tiny phone.

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Rajesh Jain

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