Microsoft after Gates

Dave Winer asks some hard questions:

When the top executive of a major company steps down, even gradually, we are too easily distracted by the emotional arguments, and Microsoft plays this sleight of hand better than almost anyone, but come on, do you think Bill would be stepping aside if the [stock] graph were inverted?

How effective has Microsoft’s capital expenditures on software R&D been over the last decade? Doesn’t all the revenue still come from R&D that was done in the early 90s? How can Microsoft justify employing all those programmers? What exactly are they doing?

Why doesn’t Gates leave now, so that the new management can start fresh and make the adjustments that are needed to reverse the slide? And who’s going to take Ballmer’s place when they realize they need more than a sales guy who can lead a pep rally to run the company?

I guess the question is why is Gates taking so long to get out of the way?

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Rajesh Jain

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